Private Kundalini Yoga Sessions in Lefkada Island in Greece

It might take some time until we manage to let go off the stress and fully enjoy our holiday. By practicing yoga you can get yourself into a state of deep relaxation of your body and mind and really shift into a holiday mode.

Kundalini yoga is known as 'mother of all yogas'. It uses elements from all yoga styles. Physical exercise is followed by deep relaxation and finally by meditation. It uses mantras to effect the nervous and glandular system and to open our heart. Kundalini yoga is very effective tool to clean the subconsciousness and to achieve state of freedom and happiness. Its building a strong nervous system to help us overcome daily situations with ease and maintain positive mood.

The class can be done for unlimited number of people. Optimal time is early in the morning/ later in the evening when the temperatures are lower. Yoga mats, cushions, blankets and a small aromatherapy present are included in the package.

Price is 15€ per person per 90min session (minimum 3 persons/ 45€).

About the Instructor

Nada Stranska is a KRI Certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® since 2018. She will lead you through the class. The session can be fully customised to your needs. Whether its back problems, digestion issues or just a stretching that you feel your body needs right now. The level of physical exercise can be moderate as well as intense and powerful; again following your capacity.


Im very happy I've met you, thank you for your kindness, your generosity, it releases from your person a big wisdom, a big intelligence of life. Thank you for the beautiful energy.
Charles, France

Thank you for all... your happinness, cheerfulness, generousness. I’m very happy to discover Kundalini yoga!
Aurelie, Reunion Island

Thank you for individual approach. It was much more than just a yoga class for me. Now I feel inspired to continue and put all those little but important improvements into my life.
Kristina, Slovakia


For bookings please fill in the form below or call us.
In season 2019 we only accept bookings until end of July due to our expected birth in August. :)

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